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Saturday, November 3, 2012

All over the place...

Today is Saturday and the kids still have not been able to celebrate Halloween :(  and frankly, I feel like I'm losing my enthusiasm for this holiday or whatever the right term is for it. People are going crazy for gas as gas restrictions have been put into place by the governor; all license plates that end in even numbers can only get gas on even numbered days and same holds true for odd numbered license plates... sigh, even though I know  everyone's working on trying to get back to normalcy; I don't think life is going to be the same. I guess we have to just take one day at a time and believe in the goodness that the higher power has placed in front of us  through this devastation. As December gets closer, I think peoples' energies are getting whacky as the media hypes up the end of the Mayan calendar... almost as if everyone just is expecting something bad to happen. They say a lot of the events that happened this past week, were reflected somewhat in the movie about the world coming to the end... I don't know anymore, all I know is that I keep wanting to do something and not knowing what it is, I really pray for some clarity to set in so that I can move ahead with my purpose and the gifts that I need to share...

Thank you for reading :)

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