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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!

Can't believe only 2 more months left till the end of the year and a little over a month left until I turn 39! Yikes! The kids and I enjoyed a nice day just lounging, it was a good day. Tomorrow is the 2nd is Karva Chauth (North Indian ritual, whereby they woman if married fasts all day (with not even a drop of water until she see's the moon)for a long and successful life of her husband and if she is a young girl and/or unmarried she fasts all day until she sees the first star in the sky (no food or water); for the young unmarried girl it is to attain a handsome, successful and loving husband. Nobody asked me to do this; not my mother-n-law nor my own mother... it is something I picked up and learned on my own. I thought maybe my married life would get better and that my husband would revere me a bit more... lol (how immature) but hey it's become part of who I am. My husband has never really appreciated this from my part and had even requested that I not do it, but whether he accepts it or the Universe accepts it; I will continue to do it until I die... who knows, all I know it is something that has become a part of my life and I know I'm making some deposits somewhere, because nothing in this life ever goes not accounted for. Maybe, in my future life, I might just might attain the best husband and create the best love story that ever existed as I couldn't manage to do that in this lifetime :( My sister thinks that I should have my daughters keep a fast, so that at least they may attain a good, handsome, wealthy and loving husband... I did offer it to them, but the middle one doesn't resonate, my little one however, is all game. My middle child suggested since there are stars in the sky in the early morning, then she can just do it for an hour and be done with it! HA! she's already learning how to manipulate the superstition to her advantage ;) Good For Her !

The recovery of the hurricane's wrath continues...
So wonderful to witness and learn of the unity that is being created by folks helping each other out by extending their resources and/or warm food to those at a lesser advantage!

Thank you for reading :)

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